The National Certificate for STEM Teaching

The National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) offers competency-based programs leading to the National Certificate for STEM Teaching. Successful teachers who wish to build their skills and teachers looking to grow their STEM teaching skills now have the opportunity to do so. Partnering with the globally recognized American College of Education (ACE), the STEM certificate conferred by NISE grants access to a low-cost, accelerated master’s in STEM Teaching and Doctorate at the American College of Education.

1 STEM Certify Teachers

  • Dedicated academic coach
  • Self-paced
  • Competency-based
  • Increases student achievement through STEM pedagogy

2 Guiding Principles

  • Student autonomy
  • Constructivism
  • Explicit/reflective methodology 21st-century skill building

3 Competency Domains

  • Creating an environment for learning
  • Building scientific understanding
  • Engaging students in science and engineering practices

Understanding the 15 STEM Teacher Actions Guiding Principles and Domains

The teacher actions used in the certification program will seem familiar to anyone who is familiar with research into effective teacher practice. Our list is not exhaustive but reflects both our understanding of current research into teacher practice and many hours of reflective discussion by our team of experienced professionals. Our goal was to develop a list of teacher actions that meet the criteria of 1) being highly influential according to research, 2) include those actions that are generally effective but are dominated by actions most appropriate to a STEM classroom, and 3) will be most susceptible to observation and coaching.

Guiding Principles for the National Certificate for STEM Teaching

  1. Student Autonomy
  2. Constructivism
  3. Explicit/Reflective Methodology
  4. 21st Century Skill Building

Domains and Actions for the National Certificate for STEM Teaching

Creating an Environment for Learning
Creating a Positive Classroom Culture
Establishing Cooperative Learning
Integrating Technology
Connecting Learning Outside the Classroom
Building Scientific Understanding
Implementing Inquiry
Addressing Student Misconceptions
Facilitating Questioning & Discourse
Utilizing Assessment
Building Scientific Literacy
Engaging Students in Science and Engineering Practices
Cultivating Scientific Investigations
Developing Engineering Solutions
Fostering Data Utilization
Implementing Project-Based Learning (PBL)
Developing Scientific Explanations
Promoting Scientific Argumentation

Continuing Education with the American College of Education

American College of Education

Master’s in STEM Education
and Doctorate Programs

The online Master of Education in STEM Leadership at American College of Education prepares educators to incorporate digital resources into the curriculum to enhance integrated science program education like STEM programs.

Through this program, candidates learn to promote skills in developing testable questions, establishing variables and controls, selecting data and data collection methods, and using tools to test hypotheses in ways that engage elementary, middle, and high school-aged students, leading to better student outcomes in STEM subject areas. Candidates should finish the program confident in their understanding of the content, and in leading other educators to discover the value of integrated learning.

M. Ed. Tuition Comparison

Curriculum Outline & Pricing
American College of Education master’s degrees are up to 1/3 the cost of comparable programs

*Course Plan
RES5323 Research Design and Application
ED5383 Principles of Integration
ED5023 Assessment Strategies
SCI5203 Foundations of Integrated Science Education
SCI5213 Engaging Diversity in the Science Classroom
SCI5223 Modern Learning and Integrated Science Education
SCI5233 Inventing and Reinventing Mathematics and Science Curriculum: Elementary, Secondary, and College Level
SCI5243 Creating an Environment for STEM Learning**
SCI5253 Building Scientific Understanding in Students
SCI5263 Applied Science and Engineering Practices**
SCI5091 Capstone Experience for STEM Leadership
* Individual course sequences will be finalized upon start of each new term
** Completed with the National Certificate for STEM Teaching