Our nation’s black communities have long faced the repeated, harmful effects of systemic racism within the justice and education systems. Recent events coupled with the Black Lives Matter movement have brought these issues to the forefront, causing individuals, companies, and the nation as a whole to reflect on and examine their own role in the system. As a company, we support nonviolent actions to raise awareness and support systemic changes that correct these injustices.

Accelerate Learning, Inc. is committed to supporting diversity in all its manifestations, which requires a consequent commitment to equity and inclusivity. Through our daily work and hiring practices, we aim to elevate all voices and represent the same level of diversity found in the students, teachers, educators, and communities that we serve. We are fully committed to building an inclusive and equitable work environment with no tolerance for discrimination. To do that, we will introduce additional employee trainings, thoroughly examine our current business and talent-recruitment practices, and continue to be inclusive in our employee participation at all levels of the company.

Along with our support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we have recently begun working toward our goal through the following actions: